DISSOLVE– 7 September – 14 October 2017

Fred Cray’s new series of unique Dissolve  prints  present a radical new body of work.  Cray does  continue his process of working with the photographs, transforming the imagery through manipulation.  The resulting images, though based in photography, are unique works on paper.    The extraordinary process begins with Cray’s printing his images on a surface that repels ink.  The resulting prints have a very brief lifespan (2 – 20 minutes) before they dissolve into something either unrecognizable or unusable.    Cray’s intervention contradicts the notion that there is an optimum moment  when the prints were either scanned  or rephotographed to make  a digital  file for the larger unique print.  Making art is a process.  Cray’s entire oeuvre has  played with this balance of the image as a relic from real life and a fantastic creation from the artist’s hand.    This body of work presents  a new development in Cray’s ongoing interest in visual labyrinths. Portraits, landscapes, still  lifes  feature the accidental and unexpected connections of an almost aleatoric process.  Fortuity and luck are assisted by rigorous editing and surprising combinations.   In these experiments, Cray  formalizes the coincidental by emphasizing the conscious process of composition.   Cray’s multiple layers imply movement, both of time and image.  The interweaving of time and image sets a cadence that is both visually rigorous and seductively intimate. Cray continues to make work that seems like  a secret about to be revealed.


Grid of 36 7x5" images Plane L.A. Night Brooklyn Sunset Joel in front of Richter Cobwebs Sun Couple at Night Nude Unnamed Background